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Innovative and unique eye-catching
Digital Care Software Development.

About Robotack

Increase Your Social Engagement Using New Marketing & Sales Channels.

We work with growth-minded companies to accelerate their digital marketing to exceed all expectations.
Where we can build you a smart digital assistant -AI Chatbot- to respond to all inquiries your customers have. And to increase the engagement between any company and its customers, we can customize Loyalty & gamification systems. Moreover, a trivia system for live steam to get in direct contact with your clients.


Our Mission is to get companies and their clients together by empowering their businesses with our digital care products to grow by analyzing digital media in a whole new way to succeed using one unified platform, infinite custom algorithms, and unique data assets.


Our Vision is to take an entirely new approach to upgrade Online advertising in all types of industries.

App overview

We take an honest interest in our client’s projects from start to finish. We guarantee our work and stand behind our quality.
We build integrated systems that increase productivity, sales, and more. We build solutions based on the needs of our clients.


We start and finish with this crucial part of any business or project. honesty is the best policy, we build solutions based on the needs of our clients.


Our strength is the unit. We conquer and overcome challenges as a cohesive team. We have a clear pathway of collaboration from each member.


We sure know how to let loose and let individual creativity take over and take place. We foster great ideas regardless of where or who they come from.


Communication is not only welcome but necessary for the right synergy to take place. It runs horizontally and it usually starts as a constant theme with new projects or clients.


Every work, client, and problems to solve are different and unique from one another. As a team, we are constantly pushed in multiple directions, and flexibility allows us to adapt to new challenges.


Our commitment is to deliver the best service and product for our clients and have a clear standard of excellence in all that we do. we are committed to honesty and performance. No excuses, just results!

Our methodology for developing Digital Care Products

We understand that ensuring a seamless user experience is the key to success for any digital care system.
This is the reason our products development company has deployed a human-centric approach combined with a sharp technological push for developing Customer Engagement-Boosting products.

Requirement Analysis

Our journey begins with assessing the precise requirements of our clients along with comprehending their end business goals and objectives.


We conceptualize the product design, navigation, and look and feel to ensure it is in sync with the client’s requirements and the audience’s expectations.

Integration with Existing Features

Our apps are designed for seamless integration with any independently designed application to simplify the flow of information without posing any privacy issues.

Efficient Design

Our skilled team of designers is capable of designing feature-rich and user-friendly mobile apps for various mobile platforms.

Code Creation

We are known for delivering high-performing apps with a robust code that can seamlessly work on all the latest versions of varied platforms.

Stringent QA & Testing

Our mobile apps are passed through multiple channels of rigorous testing to ensure they are safe and free from glitches and testing software functionalities.

Support & Upgrades

We offer ongoing support and maintenance programs to make sure your product is always up-to-date and performing at peak efficiency, to ensure that the system stays relevant for times to come.

Our Expertise & Skills to All Business

Rapid and cost-effective development team. We accommodate to your needs and stay committed to your goals.

Robotack provide top notch Digital-Care Solutions, we develop high quality and innovative systems which can be easily stand out in competitive market. Our Developers works on latest and trending technologies and we always deliver requirement specific and user centric products as per business needs.

We specialized in Customer Engagement-Boosting and business solutions, we streamline processes with friendly UI interface design but powerful and scalable technology Like Chatbots, Loyalty System, Gamifications, and Dynamic Campaigns.


Our Team Member

Being a Top Digital-Care Development Company, we provide all Customer Engagement-Boosting Development Services for all type of companies types with the latest and trending technologies.

Mustafa Shelbayh

Co-Founder / CTO

Sarah N. Almousa

Co-Founder Business manager

Mohammad Melhem

Technical Manager

Nisreen Tawfeq

Senior Software Developer

Jumana Alnajdawi

Product Owner

Mansour Al Aghbar

Product Owner

Hamzeh Alemrani

Java Developer

Mohammed Massad

Java Developer

Mohammad Abusharkh

Java Developer

Tasneem Alshaikh

Quality Assurance Engineer

Yasmeen Abuhaifa

Sales Executive

Hisham Abuhamra

Java Developer